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Each and every senior is unique with an individuality all their own. And yet millions of seniors today are united in pursuit of one, common goal: To live well and remain living independently for many years to come.

For some, that means staying in their longtime home or place of residence. Others, however, may opt for the additional conveniences—and resort-style luxuries—offered by Independent Living communities. By any measure, it’s great to have options and to be able to select that residence of choice, whatever it may be.

As it happens, independence, much like overall health, is a state of being that can be empowered by certain, conscious behaviors and choices. So in the name of preserving and protecting seniors’ independence, here are important life facets to continually examine and refine in an ongoing effort to live well, and to enjoy freedom and independence that much more (and for longer).

Ensure At-Home Safety & Organization

In many ways, the ability to live independently begins in and around the home. Seniors should be able to live well because of their surroundings; not in spite of them. So if stairs, showers, tight spaces or other safety-related concerns exist around the house, some safety-minded renovations could be a worthwhile investment in not only the residence but in the independence of the senior(s) who live there.

Organization and clutter removal are great for empowering senior independence as well. It’s only natural to accumulate a lot of non-critical items, especially throughout the course of many years in a particular residence. That’s why doing a large-scale purge and home re-organization will stand to improve safety as well as simplifying daily living.

That may sound like hard work. But with the help of family and/or loved ones, or even better yet, with the help of professional organizers, it’s easier than ever to create wider pathways for walking, ensure less bending and reaching for important and/or everyday items, and make the home and its various spaces safer, more functional and user-friendly.

Offload Taxing and/or Unwanted Chores

When pursuing independence, it’s actually good to declare independence…from burdensome household chores. Even seniors who don’t mind rolling up their sleeves and working around the house can benefit from offloading some—or even all—housekeeping and maintenance tasks. Doing so helps alleviate the risk of injury, not to mention frees up more time for leisure and recreation.

Maintenance-free living is among the most significant benefits offered by senior living communities, which may eliminate chores like laundry, meal preparation, cleaning, and home repairs once and for all. But whether in this setting or remaining at home, offloading any taxing or unwanted chores is a sound investment in lifestyle quality and continuing independence and is well worth any reasonable cost.

Use Technology to Create Convenience

Baby Boomers especially are becoming apt to use technology to streamline their lives, stay in touch with family and loved ones and empower independence. It’s actually never been easier, in large part because technology has never been better.

With Amazon, it’s easy to order most anything, from groceries and household items to cosmetics, pet food and supplies, and even furniture and prescriptions, and have it delivered directly. Ride-sharing platforms like Uber and Lyft make transportation a snap. Mobile banking enables financial transactions without setting foot in a physical bank branch. And with video chatting platforms like Skype, FaceTime, and others, kids and grandkids are always just a click or two away.

Indeed, technology is great for facilitating efficient, easy living, with no unnecessary driving or trips to the store, pharmacy, bank or other locations. And by harnessing the power of modern technology to stay connected with family, conduct business, consumer products and services, and so much more, preserving, protecting and even furthering independence is as simple as reaching for a smartphone or tablet.

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