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Hospice is a service that many of us may need in our futures—whether for ourselves or for a loved one. While approaching the end of life is a challenging, emotional time for all involved, there are options for services that can help ease the burden. 

In the last months of life, hospice is often the best option not only for those who are terminally ill, but for the loved ones they’re leaving behind. Here are several key questions you can ask to select the best fit for hospice care


10 Questions To Help You Choose The Best Hospice Care

What is your impression after your in-home consultation? 

Consider a provider who offers a free, in-home consultation. After your visit, take some time to evaluate how you felt and your reaction to the staff you interacted with. Did you feel comfortable? Did it intuitively feel like a good fit?


Where is the hospice staff located? 

The location of the provider’s office isn’t necessarily important. However, it does matter where the nurses and other service providers are. Hospice care can take place in the home, a hospital, or a nursing home, and making sure enough staff is available in close proximity to you is critical for a fast response in your time of need. 


What do others say about their experience with this hospice provider? 

Word of mouth is actually a strong indicator of the quality of care you’ll receive from a provider. Evaluate professional references and patient/caregiver reviews when doing your research. 


What does the hospice provider expect from family members in terms of caregiving?

It’s important to establish expectations for what’s required of family members in terms of care, and to see if it fits with what family members are able to provide.


Does the hospice provide bereavement services? 

Grief support for loved ones is an essential aspect of any hospice care service. What types of services does the provider offer—such as educational materials, support groups, or counseling? For example, PrimRose offers a Bereavement Coordinator for families to provide emotional support and information during this difficult time, and continues offering bereavement support for at least 12 months after the loss of a loved one. 


How does the provider respond and assist in a crisis situation? 

How accessible is the hospice provider and how quickly will they respond in your time of need? PrimRose offers 24/7 on-call support for hospice patients and their loved ones. 


Does the hospice provider offer respite care in case of an emergency? 

Caring for someone with a terminal illness can be physically and emotionally exhausting—especially for family caregivers. Does the provider offer “respite care” or periodic breaks where a patient can stay at a care center temporarily in these circumstances, or in case of an emergency?


Are options for inpatient care offered by the provider? 

When patients are being cared for at home, they may need to go to a general inpatient care unit if symptoms and/or pain escalate. Look for a hospice provider with a designated center for patients, and make sure you like the facility. 


Does this hospice provider go beyond what’s required by offering additional services?

Look for the benefit of additional services like physical and occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, medical social services, disease management, and more. 


Can the hospice care provider meet your unique needs, including continued treatment?

During your initial consultation, discuss any specific needs or concerns, as well as what treatment is currently being done for the patient. Make sure the hospice provider can continue meeting those needs and address any concerns you may have.


Hospice Care In Logan, Box Elder County, And Bountiful, Utah

At PrimRose Home Care & Hospice, we go above and beyond to make sure both patients and families are comfortable and cared for in the midst of challenging circumstances. 

By providing compassionate care to individuals approaching the final stages of life, it’s our goal to help them maintain dignity and a high quality of life—and to help their loved ones process emotional and physical challenges in a healthy way. 

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